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Growing Outdoor with Jorge Cervantes

SPRING IS HERE!!! OMG am i happy to see that although yesterday night it was even freezing in some parts of The Netherlands, today it finally feels like it is the right

CBD Oil and Cannabinoids, how do they work?

We all heard about how THC and CBD can help cancer patients. The use of cannabis for both medical and recreational purpose has a long and rich history. The plant has been

Cannabis Documentary

Here is another cannabis documentary. You might have already seen it as it is a pretty old one. But I always enjoy this one and think its worth it if you haven’t

The Truth About Smoking Cannabis (BBC Documentary)

The Truth About Smoking Cannabis (BBC Documentary)

Cannabis Science – How Marijuana Affects Health – Educational Documentary

A very documentary about how Marijuana Affects Health.

The Longest Most Educational Cannabis Hemp Movie!

This video is the longest i have ever sat through! But i can tell you it helps to smoke a big one while watching this. Great work!

Cannabis Cures – Educational Documentary – Cannabinoids

Very nice and clear educational documentary about cannabis curing vicious deceases. Most certainly worth watching!

How did Marijuana Become illegal? (Documentary)

A nice documentary about marijuana and the war on drugs… Check it out if you have not seen this one yet!

Hash documentary from the east (HASCHISCH 2002)


Of course we all think marijuana should be legalized! Watch and share and comment to let the world know what you feel….