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Amsterdam Cannabis college and Verdamper vaporizer

I just love video’s of people in Amsterdam, don’t you?

EL CID SPACE CAKE BROWNIE (EDIBLE) Voyagers Coffeeshop – Amsterdam Weed Review

Nice spacecake review at Voyager Coffeeshop Amsterdam

HMJ TV: Trippy Stix @ Amsterdam High Times Cannabis Cup 2012

HMJ speaks with Chosen from Trippy Stix while he’s hitting some Cali hash.

Birdman Smoking To Coffeeshop In Amsterdam Tours

Song Lil Wayne-Kush Birdman Smoking To Coffeeshop In Amsterdam Tours.

Dampkring coffeeshop Amsterdam buying ak47 master kush

Some dude full of cold buying some ak47 and some master kush at the dampkring Amsterdam.  


It’s a bit of an oldie, considering that this clip is from last year. But still pretty damn cool! “HIGH-LIGHTS” OF THE CANNABIS CUP 2012 IN AMSTERDAM WITH CELEBRITY HIP HOP JUDGES/PERFORMERS

PURPLE OG #18 Voyagers Coffeeshop (DNA Genetics) – Amsterdam Weed Review


Travel: Cannabis Coffee Shops in Amsterdam

From our Native American Nightly News Travel correspondent. Walking through the streets of Amsterdam with a visit to a coffee shop, where you do not buy coff…

The Green Place Coffeeshop – Amsterdam Coffeeshop Tour CANNABIS CUP 2012 SPECIAL EDITION


Cannabis Cup 2012 First Joint in Amsterdam

This Video was made for educational purposes only…Rocky and I try some DNA Genetics Chocolate Kush from Green House Coffeeshop.