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Coffeeshop Funky Munkey – Amsterdam Coffeeshop Tour Cannabis Cup 2012 Special Edition

Amsterdam: Cannabis Coffeeshops Documentary (2009)

Amsterdam: Cannabis Coffeeshops Documentary (2009) Permission was given to me to publish and make revenue off this video.

Highlife Cup 2013 THE JUDGES PACK (Cannabis/Marijuana Cup)


Amsterdam Coffee Break – Bong Hits of Sour Power

The Green House Coffeeshop – Amsterdam Coffeeshop Tour Cannabis Cup 2012 Special Edition

Amsterdam Weed Tour 2012

Theweedguy takes you on a tour of a few of the coffee shops all over Amsterdam. Lots of weed and lots of fun. Enjoy Life like their is no tomorrow.

Amsterdam Cannabis Reviews

You can get an awful lot of different kinds of cannabis in Amsterdam as it hosts more than 200 coffee shops in the city. Be on the look out for a full

Snoop Dogg To Coffee Shop The Bull Dogg Amsterdam

Amsterdam Coffee Shop

If you love Amsterdam, then you will love this!! Filmed by Dutch television, this is a short insight into having fun and smoking weed. For more information about the Coffee Shops in

NOMAD IN AMSTERDAM 5 Pt 1 Coffeeshops And Condoms

Shot and cut by @bountynomad (Nomad N3) and Lena Lane The first volume of footage from the 5th installment of the Nomad In Amsterdam series… Im this episod…