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5 Places To Find Tulips In Amsterdam

Flowers and Amsterdam, they just go hand and hand and one of the things that the Dutch are famous for besides drugs and prostitution, are their beautiful tulips of course. The Netherlands

White heroin contributes to deaths of three Brits in Amsterdam

Dear friends. When visiting Amsterdam you might get tempted to try some other drugs than just cannabis. Some people will try to sell you stuff in the streets or in bars or

Amsterdam Dance Event 2014

Yes! The time has finally come again! Amsterdam Dance Event has started! The city will be taken over by more than 2000 DJ’s with parties and concerts in many many many locations.

The Fault In Our Stars Map Amsterdam

‘The Fault In Our Stars’ is a big hit in the cinema at the moment and a big part of the movie is shot in Amsterdam. A nice fact is that the

Vondelpark Open Air

The Vondelpark is Amsterdams’ most popular park. Each day that the sun shines, lots of people gather to enjoy themselves by having a pick-nick, barbequing, jogging, looking at beautiful people, playing sports,

Tulips in Amsterdam

Spring is here! Yeah baby! Finally our favorite time of the year has begun; spring! And not only to start preparing for your outdoor cannabis plants, but its a great time to

5 Days Off

Every year when you can feel that spring is about to show her face in Amsterdam, it’s time for 5 Days Off! 5 Days Off is, as you might get from the

2 Cool Dutch Movies

The Dutch are a particular people. It seems they don’t really have any specific Dutch kind of people, but you would be wrong to assume this. When getting to know a few

Amsterdam Light Festival 2013 | 2014

For the second year in a row, Amsterdam is being transformed in an even more beautiful place then it already is with just light. The Light Festivals second edition seems to be

MTV EMA Bringing Celebrities to Amsterdam

Many celebrities have been spotted in Amsterdam and especially in the many coffeeshops the city hosts. Brad Pitt, Justin Bieber, Method Man, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Snoop Dogg and many more couldn’t