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Amsterdam Super Joint With Multiple Strains

Here is a nice clip of a guy who at his last day in Amsterdam decided to roll his last chronic into a nice big joint. You can almost smell it 😀

Amsterdam’s Coffee Shops – Cannabis Selling Establishments Documentary

Amsterdam’s coffeeshop owners speak in this short documentary about the cannabis selling establishments in the Netherlands. Interesting but too short i say… If you want to know a bit more about the

April 2013 – 420 – Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Our colleagues of the Amsterdam Coffeeshop Directory (ACD) crew has a nice stoner sessions in Amsterdam, 420 2013. Vaporizers, bongs, joints, pipes, dabs, edibles and more! Watch and be jealous!

Coffeeshop Utopia – Amsterdam 2012

Here is a little clip about Coffeeshop Utopia in Amsterdam. I personally haven’t been there yet, but it seems like a very nice place and i heard good things about thei menu.

Coffeeshop Club Media Amsterdam 2013

Guys meeting up and smoking in Club Media in Amsterdam… Well, it just makes me want to smoke more. What about you?

International Fastest Bong Smoker Competition Amsterdam 420 Festival

Amazing! Some people can smoke faster than the speed of light. Don’t try this at home kids 🙂


Of course we all think marijuana should be legalized! Watch and share and comment to let the world know what you feel….

About Marijuana and Coffeeshops in the Netherlands.

Ever wondered how it all really works in the Netherlands? This guy does a great job explaining the history and present status of marijuana in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam Trip April 2013

A nice video of some tourists visiting Amsterdam’s Vondel Park, checking out truffles, coffee shops and bicycles on of course a trip to the dam.

Amsterdam Coffeeshops (central & red light district area)

Cannabis and prostitution,….. Always a great combination…. Or is it?