6 best places to watch World Cup in Amsterdam and the trainstations

It has started! We have changed our background to orange to support the Dutch and finally the first game has been played. Today will be the day that the Dutch might be able to have at least some revenge on the Spanish team after one of the most frustrating final games ever played in a

Amsterdam Dance Event

If you were planning a trip to Amsterdam soon, then now is the right time! The Amsterdam Dance Event is starting this week and is an event not to be missed! The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is the biggest event in Dance music in the Netherlands and brings shitloads of great acts to the city

Marijuana Music

_ Marijuana + Music _ _  two words that sort of automatically made friendship loO(     )(      )(  o  )Ooooóóóóóóng time ago.. seriously, what would marijuana be without music? And what would music have been like or still be like if it wasn’t for the marijuana? The history of marijuana and music took

How to Roll and Smoking Tips

Cannabis smoking rolling tips and tricks There are many different ways to get high on marijuana; you can smoke a regular joint in a paper mixed with some tobacco, or without any tobacco. You can smoke it from a pipe or a vaporizer. You can find some special ways to roll with paper, or build

Amsterdam Coffee Shop Google Map

Coffeeshops Map Amsterdam There are many coffeeshops in Amsterdam, in and outside of the centre. Some of them good, some of them mostly there for tourists. We picked out a few that we know are good. Have a look at our coffeeshops amsterdam page for more info. For all the coffeeshops and their location, we

Amsterdam Coffee Shops

General information Amsterdam Coffeeshops In the Netherlands the law upholds a policy of tolerance when it comes to cannabis usage. This means that any person over the age of 18 can buy up to 5 grams of cannabis in authorized cannabis café’s, or “coffeeshops” as the Dutch call them. The sale, and usage of marijuana

How Marijuana Affects Your Brain

How marijuana affects the brain. We all know that something happens to the brain if you consume cannabis. If you smoke it, eat it, inhale it , drink it, doesn’t matter how, but something changes up there. The effects are not similar for everybody of course. I myself sometimes become one with the couch, while


Tulips in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Tulips

Spring is here! Yeah baby!

Finally our favorite time of the year has begun; spring! And not only to start preparing for your outdoor cannabis plants, but its a great time to visit Amsterdam. With its colors and smells and sounds, Amsterdam each year transforms into an even more beautiful place. Spring is of course the best time to see the oh-so famous Dutch flowers in their maximum glory! The fields in the more countryside parts of the country around Amsterdam are filled with various colorful flowers that you can almost smell while flying over them on your way to Schiphol Airport.

When you are in Amsterdam, you could of course join the old people and families for a trip to the Keukenhof, which is the worlds largest flower expo. It might not be everybody’s favorite place to visit as it is always crowded with tourists and families, but there is enough nice spots to sit down and secretely toke up. To get to the Keukenhof from Amsterdam, is it best to buy an Arriva combi ticket. This ticket gives you entrance to the Keukenhof but also is a valid transport ticket for the bus from Amsterdam City or the Airport to the Keukenhof. These tickets can be purchased at the Visitors Information Centres next to Central Station and Schiphol Airport.

But in and around Amsterdam there are enough other nice places to enjoy flowers. There is the Amsterdam Tulip Museum and the Hortus Botanicus, but also the famous Flower Market right in the centre. (Tip: The Hortus Botanicus is a place full of greenhouses and exotic plants. In our experience, it is a great place to visit al trough the year. Walking around there while being high as a kite makes you feel like you are in some other country for a while.)


Springtime is also a great moment to just hang in one of the parcs of course. It is nice to see that each year during the first relatively warm weekend, people dust off their BBQ sets and run to the Vondelpark to find the best spot for a good BBQ session with friends and family.

Stationsweg 166a
20 – 25 March 2014: Tulip Show
20 – 21 April 2014: The Easter Bunny at Keukenhof
3 May 2014: Flower Parade ‘Energy’

Flower Market

Hortus Botanicus
Plantage Middenlaan 2A
Mo -Su: 10:00 – 17:00

Amsterdam Tulip Museum
Prinsengracht 116
Mo -Su: 10:00 – 18:00 hour